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The Counseling and Psychological Support Committee (KE.ΣΥ.ΨΥ) aims to the better organization and function of the university structures that offer psychological assistance and counseling to AUTh students.

The services provided by the University Center for Counseling and Psychological Support are offered to students and university staff alike.

The Committee works closely with other related Committees and organizes dialogue workshops with students, as well as with the administrative and other staff of the university community.

Among the future aims of KE.ΣΥ.ΨΥ is the operation of a campus hotline, in order to provide immediate assistance to people in crisis and to those facing personal difficulties that could feel safer to talk about their problems in anonymity and in absence of visual contact.

KE.ΣΥ.ΨΥ is located on the ground floor of the Lower University Student Club, in the Sanitary Service Section, offices 5 & 8.

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tel.: 2310 992643 & 2310 992621
fax.: 2310 992607 & 210 992621



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