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The main goal of the Observatory of Students from Vulnerable Social Groups is to assist:

  • students with disabilities
  • foreign students
  • minority students, foreign students of Greek descent or repatriate students
  • as well as any other category of students who face problems which hinder their studies

The objectives of the Observatory include:

  • Collecting information regarding the academic progress of the above groups of students, and more specifically regarding their needs and problems they face during their studies
  • Collecting information regarding existing services, initiatives and actions taking place in AUTH which assist the above students, in order to make them known to the whole University community (e.g. extra teaching or other kinds of support)
  • Recording of good practices in other Universities of the country and abroad, and establishing cooperation with them in order to develop common support services.

In order to meet the above goals, the Observatory collaborates closely with the Volunteer Committee and the Social Policy and Health Committee, as well as with the University Centre for Counseling and Psychological Support.



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